A Photographic Journey through the Swamps, Bayous and Lakes of South Louisiana better known as 
© Designed by Yvette Naquin, LA Lens 2014 
Successful day at Plant Fest...Book signing and exhibit, 2012
​Lafayette, Louisiana 
The youngest of three children, I grew up hunting and fishing in the Atchafalaya Basin, I was inspired at an early age and started taking pictures as a teenager hoping to capture the beauty of the Basin and share what I was lucky enough to see and experience in person, mesmerized by the attractions and beauty of America’s largest river swamp. What started out as a hobby soon became a passion to share my vision, photography and culture with the world.

​​My hope is that as you turn each page of our book or view one of our photos or purchase a print, you too will see what I see...Through My Lens.   ​

Chad Guidry​​. 

One of six children, I have Lived in Louisiana most of my life. I grew up fishing in the Bayous and Swamps with my Father and siblings, admiring the beauty and embracing the lifestyle that is unique to the culture of Louisiana. From a very young age I loved photography and art, a self taught graphic designer and former owner of a printing, design and marketing firm providing services for companies around the world, as well as my photography and design earning multiple national awards.

​​The inspiration behind designing and creating Louisiana Through My Lens was to have the viewer take a photographic journey in their 
own imagination letting the pictures tell the story of the peace and tranquility that spending a day on the water in the swamps of South Louisiana brings.

Yvette Naquin.​​
On location
​Henderson Swamp 2014
Braving the elements to get the shot... 
​Sandy Cove​ 2014
Spent the day strolling through Avery Island, started out as a personal day and then the camera’s came out... 2014.
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